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Festival re_composed 2021

21:00 | Ulla Rauter & Stefan Voglsinger
Kunstkanal, Ulrichgasse 1, 1020 Vienna

Whispering Things -
Vom Flüstern und Rauschen

Solo exhibition at Mz* Baltazar’s Lab
Opening 15.10. | 18:00
Exhibition 16.10. – 29.10. 2021
Jägerstraße 52-54, 1200 Vienna

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In her exhibition Whispering Things, Ulla Rauter traces the whisper as an act of intensification. Several installations invite you to activate them with your voice, transforming it into a whisper and translating it into the movement of magnetic needles. Your own whispering, often interpreted as an expression of restraint, uncertainty and powerlessness, becomes the initial act of these works, which bundle and transform the statements of the visitors and bring out a special strength of whispering: Conveying urgency and increasing attention to what is being said.

In the other two works, the artist focuses on whispering things: Three sound objects “recycle” the noises of the city in real time, turning the environment into an acoustic utopia. A rushing river is analyzed by a speech-pattern recognition program and reveals fragments of human language that elicit an associative-poetic text from the water.